There are many file download websites serving people to download the file they wanted. But there is the biggest problem here. On many of these File hosting and download websites, you have to complete an online survey to download any file. The process of filling out a survey is the most irritating thing a downloader can ever do. Most of the people who finish these types of surveys think that there is no other way to download the file than completing such surveys.

Survey bypass tools and extensions that work on different browsers, e.g. Chrome or as an addon in Mozilla. There was a time when you used to open a website and can download anything from it without wasting any time. But nowadays when you try to download an image, a multimedia file, video or any other data you might need to fill the survey form. It is a long, time taking process. And sometimes even after filling the survey, you might not have access to the final page.

Actually, these surveys and registration forms are the sources to earn money. Every time when you fill any form or get yourself registered to the website, the webpage owner will get paid. Though it’s good for the owner but quite annoying for you. To solve this problem there are many bypass surveys tricks. Many of you will not be aware of the term “Survey Bypass”. So before going into the details let me tell you that survey bypass mean to skip the survey or the form and directly go to the final page. Where you can have access to all the desired data.

All In One Survey Bypass Tool

The All In One Survey Bypass Tool comes as an excellent survey bypasser which is quite user-friendly and does not require any technical knowledge for its operation. It has been making the rounds on the internet for many years because of its productivity and ease of use. You just need to follow a few simple steps to remove the surveys with the help of this tool. After entering the site link, turn on the bypass knob and the job would be done within a few seconds, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Firefox Redirect Bypasser

Firefox Redirect Bypasser is an add-on for Firefox PC browser. Its is an effective survey bypasser and also tends to protect its users from any infected links that could redirect your navigation to harmful sites. This is one of the most powerful surveys bypass software on this list and serves many purposes in addition to removing surveys. It also acts as a guard for your browser and tends to stop it from following the redirected links that lead to malicious sites. Thus it acts as a survey bypasser as well as a firewall for your computers.

Survey Smasher

It is also free software. With SurveySmasher you can download whole lists of Survey-Links easily. After downloading bypass any Survey you want now. SurveySmasher is the No.1-Tool to bypass Surveys with a single click. It bypasses the Survey-protection and re-upload the file to Mediafire with a single click.