There some things we can’t change. High arches are a foot condition that can’t be changed because it’s simply nature. Just like the flat feet condition, high arches can be an issue for some people, especially runners. The fact that we can’t change the condition doesn’t mean that we ignore it and give it away to interfere with our lifestyles. Research has hereby shown that with the right running shoes, this condition can be managed. Therefore, runners with high arches are tied to getting the High Arches Running Shoes from Teamswish. Getting the right running shoes can sometimes be a bit stressful. Not to worry though, this post will make things easier for you.

Women with high arches should ensure they choose a shoe with adequate cushioning, arch support, and stability. Making sure your shoe has all three of these qualities will not just enhance your performance, but will also protect against discomfort and injuries. While it may take a bit of research to get the right pair, but we’ve done the research for you to make buying the right pair of shoes a little easier.

There are lots of options out there, and it can be hard to know where to start looking. That’s where we come in! We’ve looked at the best shoes for high arches available online, and found some great options for runners with high arches. They span a range of styles and have different types of support built-in.


The sixth iteration of Hoka One One’s Clifton has been updated to provide a softer, more cushioned ride. The mesh is still tight and durable while allowing your foot to breathe. And despite tons of cushioning (which we love!), the shoe manages to still be very responsive and lightweight.

Lots of cushioning provide a soft landing for high arches. The shoe has a high stack height (making you grow a little taller!) but does look odd compared to a traditional running shoe. But this translates to maximum support and a soft landing. When you’re struggling with pain from high arches, that extra cushion will help minimize any pain you might feel.

The stiffness of this shoe can also be a help to people who need extra ankle support due to weak arches. Reviewers report that the cushion feels faster than prior versions and helps to provide a consistent ride. The new Clifton remains durable – the original version didn’t last long, especially for heavier runners. But it stays soft for runners who didn’t care for the firmness of the last two versions.

Adidas Solar Glide 19

Cushioning and support play well together on the new Solar Glide. The breathable upper hugs the foot in comfort; a removable insole and a set of raised EVA foam rims supports the foot on the sides. A plastic Torsion shank adds stability from the inner rearfoot to the midfoot. The single-density Boost foam midsole produces deep cushioning without the instability. The Polyurethane foam holds its structural integrity well when loaded, so this is an excellent cushioned shoe option for high arches.

Saucony Triumph ISO 5

On the inside, the Saucony Triumph behaves similarly as the Ride ISO. The ISOFIT gusset works together with the Formfit insole to hug the foot from underneath. The midsole ride quality is where the Triumph ISO 5 differs. Since the midsole is made of full-length Everun foam, the Triumph performs better for heavier runners. It’s a lot forgiving on the foot over long hours or distances. That doesn’t come at the cost of stability, so there’s little to worry here.