New Discovery in Human Body

Alphabiotic participants frequently tell me their immune system is stronger – they report fewer colds and flu as well as faster recoveries, more resiliency, etc. We attributed this to the impact substantive stress relief should have on endocrine activity, hormone levels and body chemistry, not to mention more esoteric effects on one’s state of consciousness and ‘energy body’ (e.g. one’s aura and quality/quantity of chi).  A new and amazing discovery that the lymph system extends all the way into the brain creates a mechanical connection never before documented.

Alphabiotics and Addiction

Recently a friend inquired concerning Alphabiotics and its effect on addictive behavior. My reply: Dear Xxxx, Yes, certainly we have helped many with addiction. Addictive tendencies are exacerbated by stress. I have even noticed this myself, e.g. when I am stressed, the desire to use gaming apps, serially, on my iPhone, over-trading, etc. When the brain’s reward center (nucleus accumbens) is activated, the ensuing dopamine ‘high’ seems to temporarily relief the undesirable emotional effects of stress. This leads to addictive behavior, as one ‘hit’ of

Alphabiotics! What’s That?

“Alphabiotics! What’s that?” Of course, this is the question I am most frequently asked. I have learned to answer very simply: “Alphabiotics is the applied science of stress relief and recovery”.  But, does that answer mean anything to anyone? My mind begins to race. What can I say next? Does he or she have any idea how destructive stress is? How it effects your body, mind and spirit? Does this person even believe they have a problem with stress? You may be wondering why I